Van driver training (SAFED certification course)

Van Driver Training - SAFEDThe SAFED van driver training course was originally designed for the Department for Transport in response to rising fuel prices.

With documented fuel economies of between 5-15%, combined with improvements in driving style, this defensive eco-driving course is the ideal training for all commercial van drivers.

Fulfilling duty of care obligations and ensuring your drivers are safe and effective whilst projecting a positive image for your company, the SAFED for Vans course is also recognised by many fleet insurance companies.

Van Driver Training Objectives

After completion of the course, drivers will:

  • be able to judge their use of speed correctly, and know the speed limits for their vehicle
  • understand the principles of fuel efficient driving
  • demonstrate knowledge of their van’s loading capacity and understand how loading affects vehicle dynamics
  • understand parking restrictions and demonstrate safe parking both on-road and in designated areas
  • be able to manoeuvre their van safely in restricted spaces and on-road, whilst overcoming the blind spot hazards that vans present

Van training course content

Classroom sessions:

The SAFED course begins with a presentation and discussion session on the occupational road risk affecting drivers of vans and commercial vehicles. Raising driver awareness and highlighting the hazards faced and their legal duties. At the end of the course, a short test paper assesses knowledge and understanding.

  • Health and Safety objectives
  • risks faced whilst driving at work
  • speed limits and how they differ from standard cars
  • van specific risk factors
  • driver, passenger and load security
  • stopping distances
  • loading and dynamics
  • manouevring, parking, blindspots and restrictions
  • fuel efficiency and eco-driving

Practical van driving sessions:

Eyesight and licence checks ensure that drivers are fit and legal to drive, followed by vehicle and load checks. A short assessment drive is then undertaken, where fuel consumption, time and adherence to safe and best practice is recorded prior to an initial defensive driving session. Manouevring is spaced throughout the course, both on-road and in car parks or designated areas. The initial short assessment drive is revisited to record improvements in fuel efficiency, check that journey duration has not increased significantly and demonstrate driving best practice.

  • assess the driver’s safety and legality
  • assess the vehicle suitability and condition
  • drive varied routes, including multi-lane, urban and rural roads
  • turn the van around safely on road
  • park and manoeuvre in designated areas
  • reverse safely
  • judge vehicle size
  • defensive driving techniques
  • fuel efficient driving skills

SAFED for Vans is a certificated and nationally recognised course.

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